Individualized Diabetes Type 2 Management

2.2 Guide System

Step 1 – GUIDE:

The Guide of your supporting ‘InDiMa’ system will give you an overview about your situation.

Step 2 – ANALYZER:

After answering the Guide we are now continuing with the Analysis of the ‘Individualized Self-Care’ (ISC) of the Patient’.


The following 10 questions are dealing with the support, which you receive from your social environment, i.e. partner, family and (perhaps) your Diabetes Support Group.

Step 4 – ENGAGER:

The next and final instrument for constructing your Individualized Action Program (IAP) is the so called Engager. This is the way, how your doctor and his medical team are able to create an ‘Individualized Treatment Program’ (ITP) for you, so that you can achieve the best possible success. In this process openness on your part and trust building and empathetic behavior on the part of the doctor and his medical team is the basis for a successful cooperation and control of your diabetes.

Step 5 – REALIZER:

You are seeing now the results of your self-analysis, which you can compare with the results of the objective data, the perception and the diagnosis of your doctor and his medical team. The diagnosis is the basis for your cooperation and the development of your ‘Individualized Action Program’.