Individualized Diabetes Type 2 Management

2.2.3 Individualized Action Program

 CONCLUSION: “Individualized Action Program” and Regular Adaptation

Every patient has to go through the three steps of “Analyzer”(1),  “Supporter”(2), and “Engager”(3) in order to create his – for the moment – best “Individualized Diabetes Management”.

Once this has been reached, the routine check will be on the “InDiMa Realizer” with the ‘Actual Status’ (ADS and NSI), check of the ‘Support System’ (NIS), check of the Engagement (SAS), and the always actualized ‘Individualized Action Program’ (IAP) – including the accompanied support system.

Whenever anything within the routine check appears to be different, the patient and/or the doctor will go and

  • analyze the change of diabetes status
  • optimize the support system or
  • find a different individualized approach with the individual “Engager” (i.e.,  in case of lack of energy and depression, individual stress situations or other obvious changes in self-care).