Individualized Diabetes Type 2 Management

1.5 Dia-Pression

The Interaction of Lifestyle Diabetes and Depression

The Importance of Depression in Diabetes Management: Treatment of “Dia-Pression”

Often the symptoms of diabetes and depression are co-occuring. Therefore, there is a new wording for diabetes depression: “Dia-Pression“.

There is a new and helpful approach to treat “Dia-Pression“ integratively giving the patient an important pro-active rôle, supported by the “4 Step Collaborative Care System”.

  • One out of eight diabetes patients suffer from a strong depression 2) 3) (12.5%).
  • Another 20% of diabetes patient have less severe but clinical important depressive symptoms 3).

In general, diabetes patients with strong (co-morbid) depression have

  • a worse quality in self-care and in treatment adherence,
  • a minor quality in blood sugar control,
  • a higher morbidity and mortality.

About 90% of patients with diabetes in the United States have at least one other chronic disease 4).

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Paul Ciechanowski, MD, MPH: Diapression: An Integrated Model for Understanding the Experience of Individuals with Co- Occurring Diabetes and Depression.